Angel Dancesport Academy


Today is a wonderful day to start dancing!

"Good evening!

We welcome you to a world of magic and dance. Your journey begins here...

Dance is a wonderful experience for everyone no matter what age, and it has a lot to offer. Live your dreams and fantasies through dance...

...Here at Angel Dancesport Academy we give you this opportunity.

Come and follow or lead on the dance floor, learn how to listen to the music, move with it and experience everything this form of art has to give you..."

The Management.

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PIRAEUS SCHOOL: Vasileos Georgiou & Kountouriotou 147, Piraeus | phone: (+30)2104119163 - 4 | e-mail:
ARGIROUPOLI SCHOOL: Tegeas 17 & Lamias, Argiroupoli | phone: (+30)2109959993 | e-mail: